San Beda University
Grand Alumni Homecoming!


We are the Silver Jubilarians from batch 1997 that will be hosting the 2022 Grand Alumni Homecoming. We will be celebrating together with batch 1972, our Golden Jubilarians.


San Beda

The Importance and Benefits of Alumni There is nothing in this world like having lifelong friends. When people come from the same area and or go through similar situations they create a bond like no other. Even after people move, graduate and or just start a new life, the bond and experience they had stays with them. People who belonged to the same school or organization are referred to as alumni and they share a bond that connects them.


San Beda

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San Beda

Sponsorships are a major help to not only students but various companies and schools today. Many schools greatly benefit from corporate sponsorships as they help out with buying sports equipment and providing the athletes with gear to wear. Even though schools might have an ad on their jerseys or in their gym they should be thankful because the corporate sponsorships help pay for many items throughout the programs.